Science & Innovation for Development

SCiDEV is an non-partisan organization that aims to support and incentive’s sustainable, economic and social development and democratization in Albania and the wider region. To achieve this SCiDEV works with academia, civil society, private and public institutions, in strengthening innovation and scientific research, advocating, and supporting use of evidence for legal and regulatory initiatives, and undertaking capacity building activities to strengthen public and private institution, higher education institutions, media and civil society.

We built COORP.

SCiDEV builds on the portfolio of its largest project, COORP – Collaborative Online and Offline Platform (COORP). COORP was a project undertaken by the co-founders of SCiDEV, which aimed at supporting the integration of the Albanian research community into the European Research Area, by connecting Albanian researchers locally, regionally and internationally, and strengthen quality of research and research skills. COORP was supported by PERFORM – Performing and Responsive Social Sciences – a project of Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation implemented by HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation and the University of Fribourg from 2016 to 2018.

What we are good at?


Scientific and applied, action and policy-oriented research with best active researchers in Albania and Western Balkans using mixed methodoligies.  


Exploring and implementing a vast number of innovation initiatives for private and public sector, education institutions, CSOs and communities. 

Data Analytics

Proven experience in data analyses and visualizations with most advance techniques and technologies. Big Data design and data warehouse management.

Policy and Strategic Papers

Experience in writing projects for strategic reforms, policy papers in Albania and other project based interventions.. 

EU Projects

Project writing, implementation, management and project monitoring and evaluation. 

Media and Communication

Research, capacity development, action and advocacy for media independence, freedom and empowerment of communities through media and communication.

Western Balkan Process

Active participation on WBP representing young researchers at regional and international level. 

Research and Science Communication

Communicating research and science to wider audiences and liaison between academia and media.

Women in Science

Advancing the role of women in STEM and social science and humanities, by creating visibility of role models, increasing access to opportunities, and move forward policy issues related to women in STEM.

Academic Diaspora

Connect the academic diaspora with the Albanian scientific community, initiate mentoring and partnership programs, and contribute to the overall development of the SSRS.  

Running projects

Youth Participation in Digital Democracy: From Digital Skills to Digital Rights of Youth with Fewer Opportunities in the Western Balkans (EYDR)

In the Western Balkans (WB6) economies, substantial progress has been made in shaping youth policy frameworks by adopting various laws, strategies, and action plans. Despite these advancements, there's a continuing need to develop a robust youth system that...

Regional Youth Leadership Mobility Programme 2023-2024

The Regional Youth Leadership Mobility Programme The Regional Youth Leadership Mobility Programme (RYLMP) 2022-2025 enables around 40 young researchers from Albania, North Macedonia, and Serbia to develop data-driven advocacy plans in fields related to regional...

SCiDEV launches the 5th Edition of the University Debate

While Albania is in the process of negotiating its membership in the European Union, it is crucial for universities, as generators of scientific research and knowledge, and for students, as emerging professionals, to actively engage in debates concerning the...

U2SID – University to society collaborations for inclusive digital transformation in the Western Balkans

SCiDEV's newest initiative that aligns with our commitment to promoting Quadruple Helix and digital transformation in Albania is U2SID project. Our team has been instrumental in the formulation of the Erasmus+ Capacity Building Project titled "University to Society...

Advancing Inclusive Regional Mobility and Catalyzing Mobility-Driven Innovation and Knowledge Transfer in Western Balkans

SCiDEV leads the thematic Working Group (TWG): “Advancing Inclusive Regional Mobility and Catalyzing Mobility-Driven Innovation and Knowledge Transfer in Western Balkans”, part of 2023 Tirana Civil Society and Think Tank Forum. This thematic working group will focus...

Combating Disinformation in Albania: An Initiative by BIRN Albania & SCiDEV

In an era where information can be manipulated and distorted with ease, the importance of authentic journalism and media literacy cannot be overstated. Recognizing this pressing need, we, at the Science & Innovation for Development Center (SCiDEV), are proud for...

New project partnering with local government and funded by EU

Project: “Revitalization of the Community Center School in Kurjan for better access to social and economic development for young people and disadvantaged groups.” This project is implemented by the Municipality of Roskovec in partnership with SCiDEV and co-founded by...

Regional Youth Leadership Mobility Programme (RYLMP)

Center Science and Innovation for Development (SCiDEV), Albania; Centre for Education Policy (CEP), Serbia; and Youth Educational Forum  (YEF), North Macedonia, are implementing the Regional Youth Leadership Mobility Programme (RYLMP) starting from October 2022 as a...

SCiDEV launches fourth edition of the University Debate Laboratory – From Words to Action

Following the already consolidated tradition of the university debate program, the Center Science and Innovation for Development (SCiDEV) launched on the 1st of October 2022, the Fourth Edition of the University Debate Laboratory - From Words to Action, part of the...

Tirana Digital Rights Festival – New project in the framework of Tirana European Youth Capital 2022

As part of the "Tirana European Youth Capital 2022" program, Scidev is pleased to launch the "Tirana Digital Rights Festival" project with the financial support of the National Youth Congress in collaboration with the Municipality of Tirana. This project aims to...

STEMspresso: Empowering through Inspiring Albanian Women in STEM

We are proud to launch our newest project: "STEMspresso: Empowering through Inspiring Albanian Women in STEM". The project will focus on creating profiles of 12 successful Albanian women in STEM and promote them on social media and in the media. The aim of the project...

The standstill of the European integration process and the surge of populist discourses in Albania

SCiDEV New Publication: Research on populist discourses in Albania and European Integration This study explores the interrelation between populist discourses in Albania by mainstream political and media actors and the stagnation of the European integration process....

Local STEMspresso – Promoting Women in STEM to Youth from Youth

SCiDEV in the framework of the Network of Albanian Women in STEM is implementing a project called: Local STEMspresso - Promoting Women in STEM to Youth from Youth. The project aims to increase the visibility of Albanian women in STEM and build a STEM education culture...

Evidence for advocacy: Closing the STEM representation gap in Albania

With support from AWEN - Albanian Women’s Empowerment Network, with funds of the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida), SCiDEV is implementing a research study on: Emerging advocacy issues related to the protection, promotion, and respect with a focus on...

Media and Communication: Research and Public Engagement

One of the key pillars of the SCiDEV portfolio is Media and Communication, primarily focused on research, capacity development, mentoring and support, networking, and advocacy. In 2021, the SCiDEV team has been actively working in media research and public engagement....

“From word to action – Activism for youth work through innovation and creativity”

"From word to action - Activism for youth work through innovation and creativity" General aim The aim of the project is to empower young people in Tirana, Korça, and Shkodra to be active in their community with a focus on youth work using innovation and creativity for...

Engagement of diaspora in local media development in Albania

Drawing from the necessity to enable local media to strengthen their relations with audiences and diversify their stream of resources, SCiDEV has conducted a pilot study that investigates the possibility of diaspora engagement with local media with particular focus in...

Regional Youth Leadership Mobility Programme

OSF Strategy 2021-2024 aims to respond to multiple challenges, from the ongoing Covid19 pandemic to climate change and the economic and social crisis that will inevitably ensue and will affect many. Besides these mentioned topics there is also a need to still support...

Launch of the National Youth Debate Programme for the Model of Social and Economic Development of Albania

Launch of the National Youth Debate Programme for the Model of Social and Economic Development of Albania: SCiDEV ready to kick off the 3rd Edition of University Debate Lab Youth debate on the model of social and economic development of Albania In lieu of successive...

Network of Albanian Women in STEM

The Network of Albanian Women in STEM (NAW-STEM) aims to contribute to the social and economic empowerment of women by increasing their representation in STEM, both in academia and industry. Areas of work include: Increase visibility of Albanian women in STEM, in the...

Student’s debates are very engaging 

Have a look to the project website, soon videos and debates will be on our platforms, stay tuned!


Our Team

With an academic background in law and humanities, Blerina has a longstanding experience in the development sector working with international organizations and projects mainly in the area of rule of law and policy-making, foremost in the Western Balkans. Experienced project manager and legal practitioner, with a focus on public institutions and capacity building, legal drafting, legal literacy, justice institutions and civic engagement.

Blerina Fani

Board Chair

Debora is an architect and artist working and living in Tirana, Albania. She has a wide experience in working for local and international private companies, in delivering design excellence, drafting of detailed local plans, and design execution. She has a deep interest in photography and arts, and how they relate to the development of urban spaces and needs of their inhabitants.

Debora Kaso

Board Member

Erida Curraj is a good connoisseur of the business sector dynamics gained through more than 12 years of professional experience at national, regional, and international levels, mainly in Europe and China working with diverse actors from business representatives to higher education managers and academics. She has a deep outstanding working with European Commission and Western Balkan’s projects mainly focus in education and youth. She holds a Doctorate Degree in Industrial Design, a Joint PhD Programme between Ferrara and Polis University. She teaches a master course in Industrial Product Development at the Department of Art Design at Polis University, and Design course at Polytechnic University of Tirana.

Dr. Erida Curraj

Board Member

Executive Director

Blerjana is an expert in project design, development, monitoring and evaluation.  She has more than 7 years of professional experience in research and development in Albania and Western Balkans. She has completed her doctoral studies in Media and Communication Studies and a research fellowship at Uppsala University as a Swedish Institute Fellow. She holds a Master of Science in Politics and Communication from the London School of Economics and Political Science in UK. She has completed a research fellowship at the Communication and Media Research Institute (CAMRI) at the University of Westminster under a Civil Society Scholar Award (2015) and a research stay at Department of Political Sciences and Sociology, University of Salzburg as a Sigma Agile Fellow (2014). She has been involved in the development and management of various research and capacity-building projects funded by European Union and other donors. She was part of the US International Visitor Leadership Programme in 2016 and is co-founder of COORP.

Blerjana Bino

Executive Director, SCiDEV Center


Experienced ICT project development and management consultant. Project writing, monitoring and evaluation for a variety of projects in the sectors of ICT local government, higher education, research and development management, ICT agricultural sector, Gene Bank Documentation (GBD), tourism and food safety traceability information systems. Lecturer with extensive experience on ICT training. Passionate data elaboration expert, data analyses and data visualization. Experience working in different industries since 2002, SME EU/EC and government institutions, with particular focus on projects related with information technologies, system development, and innovation projects. 

Fabjan Lashi

Pro-bono consulting

Abi is a systems thinker with extensive experience in development projects in the Western Balkans. She holds an MPA from the State University of New York, USA, which she completed as a Fulbright Grantee. Additionally, she holds an MSc in System Dynamics from an Erasmus Mundus program offered jointly by the Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands, University of Bergen, Norway, and New University of Lisbon, Portugal, and a bachelor’s in International Economics and Management from the Bocconi University, Italy.

Abi’s professional background reflects her interest in good governance and evidence-informed decision-making practices. She has held management/coordination positions as well as research roles in projects dealing with topics such as social dialogue and research-to-policy linkages. Her research interests include education, employment and poverty reduction, digitalization as a tool for inclusion, and regional cooperation.

Abi Dodbiba


Events and Activities

“Inclusive Digital Transformation in Higher Education” workshop in Belgrade

The "Inclusive Digital Transformation in Higher Education" workshop in Belgrade brought together partners from academia, civil society, and the public sector to exchange experiences regarding Digital Transformation in the Western Balkans. This workshop was organized...

SCiDEV Snapshot 2023

Key Achievements of SCiDEV's Projects in 2023 Laboratory of University Debate-From Words to Action, 4th edition - The project successfully involved 12 universities in debates, trained 120+ students in digital activism and decision-making, hosted 22 national debates,...

Commemorating 33 years of Albania’s democratic journey, our diverse panel discussed critical challenges in a shrinking civic space

Commemorating 33 years of Albania's transition to democracy, a diverse panel convened by #SCiDEV to discuss the significant challenges faced in the country's current civic landscape. The panel, comprising activists, media professionals, academics, representatives of...

Reflective Corner – “33 years in a quest for democracy: Sustaining Integrity and Engagement in Civic Spaces”

Thirty-three years ago, on a cold December day, Albanian students gathered in the center of Tirana armed with hopes and ropes to take down the statue of the deceased dictator adorning the square. "We want Albania to be like the whole of Europe" - their chants,...

Regional Youth Leadership Mobility Programme 2023/24 – Call is now open

Center Science and Innovation for Development (SCiDEV), Albania; Youth Educational Forum  (YEF), North Macedonia; and Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR), Serbia, are launching a Call for Participation in the Regional Youth Leadership Mobility Programme (RYLMP)...

Training Program for the Journalism Trust Initiative

The SCiDEV team and experts received comprehensive training from Journalism Trust Initiative staff. This training focused on guiding local media organizations through JTI's self-assessment process. Additionally, they learned effective utilization of the JTI app,...

Safety of Journalists in Albania – SCiDEV’s input to the consultation of the Roadmap on Chapter 23 “Judiciary and fundamental rights”

SCiDEV has taken note of the Albanian Government’s initiation of the consultation process for the Roadmap for the Rule of Law - Chapter 23, "Judiciary and Fundamental Rights" in October 2023. This significant political and strategic document outlines the key measures...

RYLMP second cohort presents research based advocacy results in Belgrade

The second cohort of the Regional Youth Leadership Programme (RYLMP) project came to a successful conclusion on 20 October in Belgrade, Serbia. The project, which focuses on empowering young researchers and facilitating their engagement in policy-making processes, has...

Policy Paper: Advancing Mobility-Driven Research and Innovation and Knowledge Transfer in Western Balkans

Mobility and migration in the Western Balkans (WB6) have profound implications for the region and its evolving relationship with the European Union (EU). There is a pressing need to address the challenges in the region and capitalize on the potential of mobility for...

Summary of “The prospects of mobility driven Research and Innovation” Panel at CSF2023

On October 15, 2023, Center Science and Innovation for Development (SCiDEV) hosted the panel “The prospects of mobility driven Research and Innovation: How to strengthen Western Balkans integration into European Research Area?” part of the 2023 Civil Society and Think...

Redefining Youth Employability Through Youth Guarantee Program – RYLMP Paper

This policy paper examines the Youth Guarantee (YG) program to understand its theoretical and practical aspects within the context of the Western Balkan (WB) countries, particularly Albania, North Macedonia, and Serbia. YG programs are designed to address unemployment...

Regional cooperation agenda and its effectiveness: The role of local ownership in economic and youth domains – RYLMP Paper

This policy paper addresses the evolving landscape of regional cooperation in the Western Balkans, focusing on the interplay between endogenous and exogenous factors that have shaped the region's multilateral and bilateral agreements. The paper emphasizes the...

#BridgeTheGap: Between Policy and Practice for Youth Participation in Albania, North Macedonia and Serbia – RYLMP Paper

Ensuring that young people are represented in policy-making guarantees that their needs, worries, and goals are adequately taken into account. This policy paper explores the gap between youth participation in Albania, North Macedonia, and Serbia policy-making. It...

Youth Perceptions and Attitudes on Migration – RYLMP Paper

Over the past decades, emigration from the Western Balkans has taken on impressive proportions. OECD figures (2022) indicate that more than half of Albania’s population today lives outside the country. It is worrisome that 71% of young people in the Western Balkan...

SCiDEV’s Contribution to the 7th Joint Science Conference of the Berlin Process

The Center Science and Innovation for Development (SCiDEV) is pleased to announce its engagement with the 7th Joint Science Conference of the Berlin Process “Partnering for Excellence – Partnering for Europe,” to ensure better coordination and synergies. The German...

Final Event “Advancing Inclusive Regional Mobility and Catalyzing Mobility-Driven Innovation and Knowledge Transfer in WB6”

On September 28, 2023, SCiDEV organized the public event in a hybrid format in Tirana, bringing together civil society organizations and stakeholders, emphasizing the urgency of leveraging regional mobility and stimulating innovation through sustained investments for...

The prospects of mobility driven Research and Innovation: How to strengthen Western Balkans integration into European Research Area?

2023 Tirana Civil Society and Think Tank Forum of Berlin Process SCIDEV will host the panel "The Prospects of Mobility-Driven Research and Innovation: How to Strengthen Western Balkans Integration into the European Research Area?" as part of the 2023 Civil Society and...

SCiDEV Papers in Institute of European Studies Conference Proceedings

The Institute of European Studies, University of Tirana, has published the Conference Proceedings of the "EU enlargement and the Western Balkans: Current challenges and prospects" Conference, organized on the 19-20 January 2023 in Tirana, in the framework of the Jean...

Youth Debaters Forum: Youth in dialogue and interaction with decisionmakers

On 2 and 3 June, SCiDEV implemented for the first time the Youth Debaters Forum: “The future of Higher Education in Albania: Coo-creation of sustainable policies”. The activity was implemented in the framework of Civil Society Week 2023. The European Union provided...

SCiDEV finalizes IV Edition of the University Debate Laboratory: Fostering Youth Debate for Albania’s Social and Economic Progress

The University Debate Laboratory proudly culminated its Fourth Edition with the final debate held on May 26th, 2023. This edition forms an integral part of the National Youth Debate Programme for the Socila and Economic Development Model for Albania. The programme's...

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