SCiDEV together with the University of Tirana, organized a two day training with academic staff from seven Albanian universities on the use of European Social Survey data for teaching and research. The first day of the training, taking place on May 7, provided an overview on ESS methodology, survey and how to access data. Trainers introduced participants to the use of ESS data in testing hypotheses and provided case studies of ESS data manipulation in both SPSS and R. For a week following the first training day, participants under the mentorship of trainers worked on small individual abstracts using ESS data. The final training day, held on May 14, saw participants present and discuss their abstracts on a variety of topics including trust in police; how does residence affect well-being and education; democracy, media and minorities; political participation, etc.

This training takes place under the activities conducted in the framework of the Western Balkans European Social Survey Regional Network, which aims to promote and enable WB6 countries to participate in ESS, and HEIs use ESS data for research. Both, SCiDEV and University of Tirana are members of the WBESS Regional Network.