Regional Youth Leadership Mobility Programme (RYLMP)

Regional Youth Leadership Mobility Programme (RYLMP)

Regional Youth Leadership Mobility Programme (RYLMP)

Center Science and Innovation for Development (SCiDEV), Albania; Centre for Education Policy (CEP), Serbia; and Youth Educational Forum  (YEF), North Macedonia, are implementing the Regional Youth Leadership Mobility Programme (RYLMP) starting from October 2022 as a three-year programme. Support for the implementation of this programme is provided by the Open Society Foundations.

Regional Youth Leadership Mobility Programme (RYLMP) was a seven-month project developed jointly by the Centre for Education Policy (CEP), Serbia, and Center Science and Innovation for Development (SCiDEV), Albania, targeting young individuals who want to participate actively and contribute to change in the society and/or local community and have the capacity to influence societies in the future. RYLMP showed a unique opportunity for youth from Serbia and Albania to meet and work together, breaking the cultural and other barriers and improving the research competencies of participants. The implementation of the RYLMP in 2021 and early 2022 paved the way for the continuation and scaling up of the programme, this time including Youth Educational Forum (YEF), North Macedonia, into the programme.

The overall objective of RYLMP is to strengthen regional youth cooperation and advocacy for youth-related issues in Albania, North Macedonia, and Serbia.

The programme seeks to support young people, students, and youth activists with opportunities to improve their competencies and pursue areas of their interest. The specific objectives are:

  1. To enhance youth mobility and cultural understanding among young people from Albania, North Macedonia, and Serbia;
  2. To strengthen and promote young people as advocates by improving their skills and competencies for research, leadership, advocacy, creation, and monitoring of youth-related policies;
  3. To support the regional networking of civil society organizations/implementing partners.

This project will provide mentorship and financial support to 21 young activists, researchers, or professionals to implement an advocacy plan in Regional Cooperation, Education and employability, Migration and brain drain, Youth Participation, and Youth action in the environment. The participants will have the chance to stay for up to three weeks in each country, where they will work alongside peers who share their interests and develop new skills in leadership, research, and advocacy.

RYLMP specifically targets youth interested in active participation in solving youth-related challenges and creating new solutions through data-driven advocacy. This includes recently graduated students, MA or Ph.D. students, and youth activists from Albania, Serbia, and North Macedonia interested in the above-mentioned topics. The selected participants will be offered tailored capacity development activities through e-learning and mentoring programme to improve further their skills and knowledge on how to develop evidence-informed / data-driven advocacy actions, actively participate in policy development, and relevant methods for participation at the local and regional level. Implementing partners will facilitate effective collaboration among youth in Albania, Serbia, and North Macedonia. They will also have an opportunity to spend three weeks in Albania, Serbia, and North Macedonia, experience how their peers live there and gain intercultural experience. During this time, participants will work with designated mentors to support the teams through the process and with the selected topic. The programme will organize several joint events, such as opening and closing conferences, regional advocacy actions, and cultural activities for participants during their mobility period.

More information about RYLMP 2022/23 can be found here