Regional Youth Leadership Mobility Programme 2023/24 – Call is now open

Regional Youth Leadership Mobility Programme 2023/24 – Call is now open

Regional Youth Leadership Mobility Programme 2023/24 – Call is now open

Regional Youth Leadership Mobility Programme 2023-2024

Center Science and Innovation for Development (SCiDEV), Albania; Youth Educational Forum  (YEF), North Macedonia; and Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR), Serbia, are launching a Call for Participation in the Regional Youth Leadership Mobility Programme (RYLMP) for 2023/24. Support for the implementation of this programme is provided by the Open Society Foundations.

The Programme is open to youth (21-30 years old) from academia and civil society organizations, young professionals, young researchers, and youth activists in Albania, North Macedonia, and Serbia interested in developing capacities in the field of informed and data-driven advocacy, leadership, activism, and intercultural exchange, and in strengthening regional cooperation.

Candidates shall apply with their individual proposals for data-driven advocacy actions focusing on one of the priority thematic areas: a) Regional cooperation and European integration, b) Education and employability, c) Migration and brain drain, d) Youth participation, and e) Youth action for the dual transition: digital and green. Candidates are encouraged to apply with specific and narrow data-driven advocacy actions within the abovementioned priority thematic areas.

After the evaluation, selected participants (RYLMP Fellows) will be matched in groups of three, one participant per country in line with their areas of interest. They will work with their peers on data-driven advocacy actions with combined capacity-building, research mobility, and mentoring support. Selected participants will spend a two-week research mobility period in each country. During the project duration, participants will participate in a capacity-building programme focused on relevant competencies for their work and mentoring programme to support their journey of data-driven advocacy actions.

Selected participants (RYLMP Fellows) will benefit from the financial support provided by the Open Society Foundations to complete their data-driven advocacy actions, including capacity-building, research mobility, and mentoring. The financial support includes travel, accommodation, allowances, and other related expenses to completing the mobility and data-driven advocacy actions. The working language of all activities will be English.

Deadline: 29.12.2023


The application process has two steps:

Step I – submitting the following:

  1. Interested candidates should fill in the Application Form, and upload
  2. The RYLM_Data Driven_Advocacy_Action_Proposal_Template
  3. Curriculum Vitae
  4. Letter of Recommendation, including contact information of the referee.

Only fully completed applications will be processed.

Step II – interviews with short-listed candidates.

Interested applicants can obtain more information through SCiDEV, YEF, and YIHR websites by registering and participating in an online info session on 11.12.2024 at 16:00 [REGISTRATION LINK] or by sending written inquires to the following e-mail address: by December 25th, 2023.