Breaking Moulds - Shaping the future

Breaking Moulds – Shaping the future

Breaking Moulds - Shaping the future

Freedom of expression and media freedom is closely linked to gender equality. When women’s voices and perspectives are silenced or marginalized in the media, it limits their ability to exercise their freedom of expression fully. Women in the media industry face not only the challenges of underrepresentation, limited visibility, and inadequate media content, but they also experience a lack of work safety. This not only deprives them of fundamental labor rights such as maternity leave, and social and health insurance but also exposes them to sexual harassment, threats, and misogyny off and online.

The purpose of “Breaking Moulds – Shaping the Future” project is to introduce a set of tested interventions which include training, content, and platform creation that will champion women as role models, as subjects, and as objects of stories relevant to the professional media community and the wider society. As an action, it aims to strengthen media professionalism, especially in the field of gender-based violence reporting. At the same time, it also focuses on promoting and protecting labor rights of media workers, in this case, women and girls.

The project activities are designed to strengthen media professionalism and promote ethical and responsible media practices through capacity building, training, and the development and implementation of gender equality policies and guidelines for media professionals and companies; launching new media platforms; promoting community and networks of women in media across Albania; introduce mentorship cycle between women in media to build collective power and safety of women journalists.

In close cooperation with our partner, AWA, SCiDEV will work on mapping existing capacities and conduct a comprehensive assessment of journalists’ and journalism/multimedia students’ skills in creating gender-sensitive content. SCiDEV will support AWA in providing gender-sensitive content training for journalists and students, both aspiring and existing. SCiDEV will also work with hosting a 3-day conference with a working group to draft and launch a gender equality policy for media outlets. We will implement outreach and communication strategies to target and engage relevant stakeholders in line with these developments.

 Project Partners:

AWA Albanian Woman in Audiovisual



January 2024 – June 2026

Total Budget: 345,000.00 EUR

SCiDEV’s budget: 45,320.00 EUR

Contracting Authority:

European Commission