Y-O MODEL – A cross regional predictive model for youth policy shaping Youth Observer

Y-O MODEL – A cross regional predictive model for youth policy shaping Youth Observer

Y-O MODEL – A cross regional predictive model for youth policy shaping Youth Observer

Youth Political participation today is taking place within the context of a shrinking space for civil society, rapid digitalization, advancement of populist ideologies, increased inequalities, and a rise of global youth movements. Young people seem to be more interested in joining loose interest groups rather than NGOs and political parties, and they use social media and digital tools to organize and share information. They mobilize around issues such as climate change, violence and social injustice. Effective ways to encourage and strengthen voices of those young people who are “invisible” and to build bridges between youth voices and authorities need to be better understood and further promoted.

The “A Cross Regional Predictive Model for Youth Policy Shaping – Youth Observers” (Y-Os) project aims to create a new model for youth engagement in politics and society. Participants from Albania, North Macedonia, Kosovo, and Italy will contribute to policy dialogue, cooperation, networking, and the exchange of best practices. This project will raise youth capacities and promote strategic cooperation between youth organizations. This project combines physical and digital mobility, allowing participants to meet in person and continue collaborating online. It will also help young people understand shared regional issues, equip them with crisis-management skills, and lower barriers between them.

Y-Os will commit to publishing and promoting youth policy results and developing channels to policymakers. By considering Y-Os’ opinions in policy formulation, democratic institutions can respect and engage youth in political debate.

Y-Os function, their work and collaboration stakeholders will be sought with further reflections on the phenomenon of a shrinking space for civil society within the Council of Europe youth sector and overall Council of Europe Youth Sector Strategy 2030, EU Youth Strategy 2019-2027 and the work on young people’s participation in political life to be undertaken by the Council of the EU. Cooperation with other relevant stakeholders will be ensured and landscaping of the youth sector actors.

Project’s goal:

Set up a group of youth observers, engaged youth, in an attempt to guarantee that the interest of young people within democratic societies is represented and guarded against any reiterative systemic erosion.

The specific objectives of YO-MODEL are:

SO1. Establishing Y-Os in four countries and strengthening their capacities on policy analyses, leadership in action and political advocacy, with a view to improving the level of competences while insuring the active participation of young people in society.

SO2. To promote and encourage strategic cooperation and cross-regional constructive dialogue and establish transnational networks among youth by mapping youth issues for the project partner countries Participants

SCiDEV is proud to play a key role in the Youth Observers project, bringing our extensive experience in youth capacity-building and policy engagement to the initiative. Our organization will be responsible for engaging with stakeholders, mentoring participating youth, and supporting the development of evidence-based policy papers. Drawing on our expertise in promoting youth participation through data-driven advocacy, we will guide young participants in effectively articulating their perspectives on crucial policy issues. SCiDEV will also develop and implement the project’s communication and dissemination strategy, ensuring that the youth-led policy recommendations reach and influence relevant decision-makers. Through this project, we aim to amplify youth voices in policy discussions and foster a new generation of informed, engaged citizens who can actively contribute to shaping their communities’ futures.

Project Coordinator:

MC Mesdheu Center – Albania

Project Partners:

SCiDEV – Center Science and Innovation for Development – Albania

CCM – Center for Change Management – North Macedonia

CCIS – Center for Comparative and International Studies – Albania

INDEP – Institute for Development Policies – Kosova

GEIE – EURelations GEIE – Italy

Project number: 101131525

Donor: European Education and Culture Executive Agency, European Union, Erasmus+ Youth Capacity Building Programme

Duration: 24 months starting 1st April 2024

SCiDEV Budget: EUR 47,187.00