In an era where information can be manipulated and distorted with ease, the importance of authentic journalism and media literacy cannot be overstated. Recognizing this pressing need, we, at the Science & Innovation for Development Center (SCiDEV), are proud for our partnership with the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network in Albania (BIRN Albania). Together, we embarked on a journey in the past year to conduct a detailed media analysis and launch a campaign against disinformation, all aimed at expanding the body of knowledge on these crucial topics.

Our combined efforts over the recent months were steered towards understanding and monitoring the manipulation of the information space. The focal point of our research was the Albanian-speaking media’s portrayal of the war in Ukraine, the infiltration of Russian propaganda within Albanian media, and the strategic media maneuvers of countries like Iran and China in Albania for their diplomatic objectives. Furthermore, we took our findings beyond the confines of our research desks. To elevate public understanding and awareness about disinformation, a series of workshops were conducted in collaboration with students at the University of Tirana, University of Shkodra, and University of Vlora. The project has been supported by the Delegation of the European Union in Albania.

In line with our objective of broadening access to knowledge and promoting media literacy, we are excited to introduce This platform is dedicated to combating disinformation in the Albanian language, whether it stems from local or foreign actors. On this site, you’ll find meticulously curated studies, content monitoring from traditional media to social networks, and a plethora of informational and training resources compiled over the years by academics, media experts, and local organizations. This site stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit of BIRN Albania and SCiDEV. All content on this platform is made available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

On 14th July at Europe House in Tirana, the final event of the project took place focused on media integrity and the challenges of disinformation. During this gathering, EU Ambassador in Albania, Mrs. Christiane Hohmann, highlighted the importance of ethical journalism and the ongoing efforts to combat misinformation. Additionally, presentations by Besar Likmeta on Russian disinformation in Albanian media and Kristina Voko’s findings from a survey on Information and Disinformation in Albania added depth to the discussion. Also, Mrs. Blerjana Bino, our Executive Director, presented research on foreign propaganda in the Albanian language, emphasizing the media activities of Iran and China. The event was enriched by the participation of local journalists, media representatives, civil society organizations, experts, and academics, to whom we express our appreciation.

China’s public diplomacy in Albania – Report in Albanian and in English

Iran propaganda in Albania – Report in Albanian and in English

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