SCiDEV launches the second edition of DebateLab with a focus on youth activism and youth action. After the success of the first phase of the project “Laboratory of Debate on European Integration in University Auditors“, during which 108 students, 13 mentors from 13 private and public universities developed their critical thinking skills on European Integration, Center “Science and Innovation for Development” ( SCiDEV) with the support of the Open Society Foundation for Albania (OSFA), kicks off the second phase ‘From Words to Action’.

During the first phase of the project (October 2019-June 2020), it offered participants the opportunity to develop knowledge and critical analysis among the student community and young researchers, on the topic of European Integration and its multidimensional impact in Albania. This was achieved through the organization of the debate championship in university auditoriums, online communication and awareness campaigns, articles and analysis published by students and professors in the Blog section, as well as organizing virtual meetings and conferences in synergy with other actors.

Students’ commitment and requests from other universities in the country to get involved in the project, attested the need to revive the culture of structured debate in higher education institutions in Albania. On the other hand, the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the opening of EU accession negotiations with Albania and Northern Macedonia, as well as many contemporary events, emphasize the need for youth activism and community engagement.

Throughout these months of this second edition, the project aims to strengthen the achievements and products delivered during first phase, expanding the cooperation already beyond the cities of Tirana and Durrës, with new participating universities. The project aims to increase opportunities for student action in the public life through offline and online activism, as well as the development of analytical, critical and communication skills through debating on key sectors such as education, by thus directly contributing to improving future socio-economic policy development.

 Thanks to the added value ‘From Words to Action’ the project will produce concrete products and community initiatives created by the 120 participating students, concretely addressing the needs of the latter, but also promoting youth engagement in the country.

 Participating Universities in this second edition are:

 Faculty of Judicial and Political Sciences/ Aleksandër Moisiu University of Durrës (FSHJP/UAMD)

  1. 2. Faculty of Economy and Agrobusiness/Agriculture University of Tirana (FEA/UBT).
    3. Faculty of Social Sciences/University of Turana
    4. Faculty of Economy/ University of Tirana (FE/UT)
    5. Faculty of Law/University of Tirana (FD/UT)
    6. Faculty of History and Philology/University of Tirana (FHF/UT)
    7. Institute of European Studies/ University of Tirana (ISE/UT)
    8. European University of Tirana (UET)
    9. Mediterranean University of Albania (UMSH)
    10. Barleti University (MB)
    11. Luarasi University (Luarasi)
  2. Faculty of Humanities/Ismail Qemali University of Vlora

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