The opening accession negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia in Spring 2020, a positive step in the journey towards integration, came at a time when Europe and the world were struggling in fighting the new coronavirus. The COVID19 pandemic has affected youth, essential in enhancing meaningful and genuine democratic and EU processes, in many ways including education, mobility, and activism. In this light, it is necessary to reassess their position in the new ‘normality’ of post-COVID19. Considering their role, potential and the challenges ahead, it is even more crucial to have an enabling environment for youth, to create space and empower them to engage in public life and in decision making processes.

Together with representatives from the European Union Delegation to Albania (EUD), Regional Cooperation Council (RCC), Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO), National Erasmus+ Office in Albania, the Center Science and Innovation for Development (SCiDEV) and Erasmus Student Network Albania (ESN Albania) as well as their network of students, volunteers, young researchers, activists and professionals in research and development will discuss engagement of youth in European Integration in post-COVID19 reality. Topics such as digital mobility and online activism will be explored. Join us for a lively and inspiring discussion!

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The E-ROUNDTABLE – Youth engagement in European Integration: Harvesting the potential of digital mobility and online activism in post-COVID19 reality is part of our #WebinarSeries no.6.