Center Science and Innovation for Development (SCiDEV) with the support of Thomson Foundation through the “Media for All” project is conducting a study to understand the Albanian diaspora profile, connection to Albania, media consumption, and possibilities and interest for supporting local media outlets in Albania. To this end, the team of researchers has developed an online survey targeting the Albanian diaspora.

This survey contains four main parts: a. connection to Albania; b. media consumption habits; c. engagement with local media; and d. demographics; and. It will take about 15 minutes at maximum to be completed. The survey is anonymous. The data will be analyzed and included in the final report that SCiDEV will present to Thomson Foundation and the ‘Media for All’ team.

The results of the survey will help design a new media development program aiming at strengthening independent media in Albania.

Fill in the survey in English here.

Fill in the survey in Albanian here.