Drawing from the necessity to enable local media to strengthen their relations with audiences and diversify their stream of resources, SCiDEV has conducted a pilot study that investigates the possibility of diaspora engagement with local media with particular focus in Albania. With the support of the Thomson Foundation and in the framework of the “Media for All” Project, this research investigates the Albanian diaspora profile and connection to Albania with a special emphasis on diaspora media consumption and interest in supporting local media outlets in Albania.

This research investigates the Albanian diaspora profile, its connection to Albania, media consumption, and possibilities and interest for supporting local media outlets in Albania. More concretely, the research maps the densest spots in which Albanian nationals live worldwide, to identify their demographics, connection with Albania and certain cities within the country, their information habits and demands, and potential factors that may lead them to support professional media in Albania.

The research findings can help local media with concrete insights to develop strategies of engaging with the diaspora to diversify their content and find alternative sources of income. The research provides recommendations for donors as well and how to further enhance the link between diaspora and media.

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