The “Inclusive Digital Transformation in Higher Education” workshop in Belgrade brought together partners from academia, civil society, and the public sector to exchange experiences regarding Digital Transformation in the Western Balkans. This workshop was organized as part of the U2SID project “University to Society Collaborations for Inclusive Digital Transformation in the Western Balkans,” funded by the Erasmus+ Capacity Building Programme, whose main aim is to promote a comprehensive and inclusive digital transformation in higher education in the region.

The two-day mobility and training event took place from 14-15 December and was hosted by the University of Belgrade. The workshop brought together experts from academia, civil society, and the public sector to discuss the integration of #ArtificialIntelligence, #CyberSecurity, and #DigitalLiteracies in higher education. This collaboration highlights SCiDEV’s commitment to co-create programs within #QuadrupleHelix that address current needs and future prospects in the digital academic sphere. The University of Belgrade and SHARE Foundation experts shared their knowledge and expertise with the U2SID partners. They facilitated discussions on AI’s impact on higher education, staff and students’ digital literacy, and ways universities can better respond to digital transformation.

Moving forward, as a partner in the #U2SID project, SCiDEV plans to:

  • Publish a Digital Literacies Need Assessment: Focused on higher education in Albania and Montenegro, this assessment is important in understanding the current digital competencies and requirements in the region. The outcomes of this research will serve as a foundation for future activities like the Digital Literacies Accelerator Program and the Digital Transformation Challenge.
  • Develop a Working Paper on AI Ethics: Drawing insights from the Belgrade workshop and upcoming U2SID workshops, this paper will zoom into the ethical dimensions of AI in higher education, contributing to the discourse on technology and ethics.

The workshop and subsequent project activities are expected to contribute to innovation in higher education, aligning it more closely with the demands of the labor market, community, and society. This aligns with the U2SID project’s goal to enhance regional development through collaborative efforts between universities and other stakeholders, including the private sector, policymakers, civil society, and the media.

If you wish to know more about the workshop in Belgrade, click here and the project here.

Full Workshop Agenda