Areas of work include:

  • Increase visibility of Albanian women in STEM, in the country and diaspora
  • Engage in policy formulation and advocacy for more women in leading positions, in academia and industry
  • Support and facilitate structural changes that foster advancement of women in career
  • Support and facilitate digital and tech education for girls and women
  • Engaging in research that addresses issues and opportunities related to women representation in STEM
  • Support research in STEM by linking national stakeholders with international and regional experts, institutions and capacity building initiatives
  • Support and facilitate mid-career/career transitions from non-tech to tech fields
  • Support regional visibility and communication initiatives on women in STEM

NAW-STEM was officially launched on February 11, 2021, following an 8-month period of events, presentations and consultations. NAW-STEM builds on the efforts of women and men working in STEM and social sciences.

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