Project: “Revitalization of the Community Center School in Kurjan for better access to social and economic development for young people and disadvantaged groups.”

This project is implemented by the Municipality of Roskovec in partnership with SCiDEV and co-founded by the European Union. The overall objective is to improve the social and economic development in the municipality of Roskovec through viable employment and income generation opportunities as alternatives to cannabis cultivation and trafficking and integrated public services at the local level.

Two Key Objectives:

  1. Increase employment and income opportunities for Kurjan’s youth as an alternative to illicit activities by revitalizing the local high school as a community and professional training center.
  2. Strengthen the Municipality of Roskovec’s capacity to raise public awareness against cannabis cultivation and trafficking, focusing on youth, women, and vulnerable groups through integrated public services in education, vocational training, and income generation.

As a key partner, SCiDEV will take the lead in the following areas:

  • Research: SCiDEV will support the lead partner in conducting research to assess the needs of local communities, ensuring that our project interventions are based on well-informed decisions.
  • Mentoring: SCiDEV will provide valuable mentoring to start-ups and young entrepreneurs, empowering them to create sustainable businesses and contribute to the local economy.
  • Communication and Awareness-Raising: SCiDEV’s experts will develop communication and awareness-raising activities to engage and inform the community about the project and its benefits.
  • Capacity building to municipality staff in project implementation.

Timeframe: 10.10.2022 – 10.04.2025 (34 months)

Project Overview

Need Assessment in Albanian

Need Assessment in English