SCiDEV and the Western Balkans European Social Survey Regional Network (WBESS) and SCiDEV are co-organizing a blended, in person and online, one-day event to discuss the sustainability of the WBESS and the possible next steps in the future.

SCiDEV is a member of the WBESS, which was convened by the Institute of Social Sciences under the Horizon 2020 project SUSTAIN 2 ESS. During the meeting Focal Points from the Western Balkans Six, National Coordinators, young researchers and other participants will discuss on the future activities of the WBESS and its sustainability. 

A special session will be dedicated to Strategic Foresight of the Western Balkan for 2035. The session will be held between 11:00-12:30, and attended by Dr. Klaus Schuch, Scientific Director and CEO of the Centre for Social Innovation. During the session will be discussed two scenarios: Joining the common market, and Looking beyond EU borders. In the first scenario, Joining the common market, first three economies will have joined the EU by 2035, with increased FDIs and knowledge and technology transfer together with closer conenction with diaspora and bussiness communities in Europe. At the same time, many tradional companies will be shut down as they will be unable to compete at the common market. The freedom of movement within the EU will not prevent the exodus of well-educated professionals and researchers. n the second scenario, Looking beyond EU borders, by 2035 the EU enlargement will not be a political priority anymore. Russia, China, Turkey, the Arab countries and the USA will have competing interests in the region, with investments primarily focused on the exploitation of natural resources. Non-European governments will start to invest in educational and vocational sector, resulting in significant privatisation within the education sector.

Read more here about the Strategic foresight for the Western Balkan in 2035.

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