Twenty young leaders from Albania, Serbia, and North Macedonia in the Regional Youth Leadership Mobility Program (RYLMP) conducted their second mobility in Belgrade, Serbia, in May 2023. The program’s focus on mentorship, research, and data-driven advocacy provided a supportive and collaborative environment that allowed the participants to thrive.

Policy disruptors from the mobility program have just completed a productive few weeks in Belgrade, where they were warmly received at the RYCO Local Office. The program, which focuses on promoting positive change and expanding networks of partners throughout the Western Balkans, has proven to be highly successful in its mission.

During their visit to Belgrade, the policy disruptors participated in several events dedicated to youth. The Youth Participation group hosted a fishbowl discussion, providing young people from Serbia with a platform to share their perspectives and challenges concerning youth participation in the country. Meanwhile, the Regional Cooperation working group met with Assistant Minister Ivana Antonjevic at the Ministry of Youth to discuss critical issues affecting youths in the region.

The policy disruptors also visited the Open Society Foundations Office in Belgrade, one of the Regional OSF offices in the Western Balkans. Here, they discussed the need for expanding the network of partners and fellowship opportunities in all WB6 countries, highlighting the importance of collaboration in promoting positive change regionally.

Looking ahead, the program is set to continue its mission in North Macedonia, with further updates and advancements anticipated. Stay tuned for more news and developments on this exciting initiative.

The Regional Youth Mobility Programme aims to strengthen regional youth cooperation and advocacy for youth-related issues. It is a data-driven program that seeks to identify and address the most pressing issues concerning young people in local communities. By collaborating and sharing knowledge, the RYLMP fellows will continue developing innovative solutions to these issues in the coming months.

Center Science and Innovation for Development (SCiDEV), Albania; Centre for Education Policy (CEP), Serbia; and Youth Educational Forum  (YEF), North Macedonia, are implementing the Regional Youth Leadership Mobility Programme (RYLMP) starting from October 2022 as a three-year programme. The Open Society Foundations provide support for the implementation of this programme.