The COVID-19 pandemic is the greatest test facing European democracies. The accompanying INFODEMIC threatens to exacerbate this crisis; with short and long-term consequences. These challenges need to be addressed through a concerted and coordinated effort. The Response Network is initiated by Beacon Network members engaged in a variety of efforts pushing back against misinformation and disinformation. SCiDEV is now contributing to this effort by becoming a partner of the Response Network. Our focus is on raising awareness and capacity development of media and digital literacy.

The Response Network is an initiative of the Beacon Project and its partners. International Republican Institute has created the Beacon Project to counter malign state-sponsored interference campaigns that seek to subvert democracies in Europe. In furtherance of this goal, all of the Beacon Project’s strategic actions fall into one of three categories: Coalition Building; Credible Research; Engaging Policymakers.