The SCiDEV team and experts received comprehensive training from Journalism Trust Initiative staff. This training focused on guiding local media organizations through JTI’s self-assessment process. Additionally, they learned effective utilization of the JTI app, leveraging JTI as a strategic tool to foster trust in media and enhance audience engagement. This initiative aligns with our fundamental work pillars: media and communication. It underscores our commitment to advancing professional journalism in Albania, promoting media freedom, and ensuring the safety of journalists. SCiDEV is committed to collaborating with partners working on implementing the Journalism Trust Initiative in Albania and the Western Balkans.

The Journalism Trust Initiative is an international mechanism rewarding ethical journalistic practices. It was initiated by Reporters Without Borders (RFS), developed by a panel of 130, including journalists, institutions, regulatory bodies, publishers, and new technology players under the aegis of the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) and published as Workshop Agreement CWA 17493 to reward trustworthy journalism and compliance with professional norms. The mechanism was created as a means to fight fake news. The indicator focuses solely on “making” journalism and not on the individual content. JTI translates existing professional norms into machine-readable code by providing indicators for media outlets to self-assess and comply with. Journalism Trust Initiative serves to incentivize media outlets, enable consumers to identify and reward trustworthy journalism and contribute to a healthier information space.

JTI offers services to the media outlets their certification, which is reached through 3 steps:

  • Self-assessment in a dedicated online portal and addresses potential findings (
  • Public Disclosure where media outlets should publish the results in the form of transparency that is available to the public
  • Certification where an independent audit officially certifies the level of compliance with the norm