Integrity is critical for strengthening good governance and democratic processes in the European integration path of Albania. Educating young people about integrity is crucial in building a responsive government. Moreover, facilitating young people to learn about integrity and engaging them in activities that promote integrity and ethical values contributes to empowering the next generation to prevent corruption. Further, young people can be most valuable in promoting and pushing for integrity in governance and politics.
Center “Science and Innovation for Development” (SCiDEV) supports young people in their education and professional development journey by equipping them with critical thinking, analytical skills, ethical communication, and tolerance for different opinions. We believe that ethical and substantive debate, based on evidence and research, is an essential service for students and broadly for the entire society.
Against this backdrop SCiDEV in cooperation with Liburnetik and with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Albania, will host two student debates on integrity in the framework of the Week of Integrity 2020.